New Castle County Board of REALTORS® 2021 President Denise Forman-Gaines reminds us that the world is still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and that all real estate agents across the state of Delaware must adhere to the guidelines set by Governor Carney under the Phase 2 Reopening Plan.

REALTORS® must continue to take this threat seriously and to reflect that commitment while providing the essential services required of the housing industry. Please ensure you are following the guidelines listed below while conducting business in this environment:

Daily Business

  • Make use of technology and limit personal contact by working from home, riding separately to appointments, or offering virtual showings.
  • Clean frequently-used surfaces often, such as desks, doorknobs, tables.
  • Practice social distancing and wear masks while attending appointments.
  • If the Listing Agent has not scheduled a specific amount of time in the house, there may be overlapping appointments. DO NOT ENTER THE SHOWING UNTIL the previous showing is complete. 

Open Houses

  • Open houses are permitted with restrictions. In order to determine the number of persons who may attend an open house at one time, hosts should calculate "useable" capacity at thirty (30) square feet per person
  • For larger indoor spaces, there is a maximum of 250 persons (including realtors and staff) allowed at one time as long as indoor gathering rules are followed.
  • All individuals must wear face coverings and be distanced by six feet.
  • Selling party must ensure the interior of the property is properly disinfected after each open house.

Commercial Office and Large Residential Buildings:

Owners of buildings used for commercial, industrial or other enterprises, including but not limited to facilities for warehousing, manufacturing, commercial offices, airports, universities, colleges, and residential buildings with at least 50 units, shall adopt policies that, at minimum, implement the following cleaning protocols:

  • Clean and disinfect high-touch areas routinely in accordance with CDC guidelines, particularly in spaces that are accessible to staff, customers, tenants, or other individuals, and ensure cleaning procedures following a known or potential exposure in a facility are in compliance with CDC recommendations.
  • Otherwise maintain cleaning procedures in all other areas of the facility.
  • Ensure that the facility has a sufficient number of workers to perform the above protocols effectively and in a manner that ensures the safety of occupants, visitors, and workers.